Freddie Pate Sings “The Legends Of Country”

Calling all Pate-riots!!
“Freddie Pate Sings The Legends Of Country”
A tribute show filled the greatest country music of all time. Hank, Lefty, George, Ray, Ernest, Merle, Keith and much more. The thing about this unique tribute performance is that if you close your eyes you would think you’re listening to these legends in concert. Freddie is blessed with vocal ability to pull this off, making it a night to remember! So if you’re looking for a great night of entertainment this is the show for you!! The tribute of all tributes!! Freddie embodies these greats with every nuance, inflection and style.
Here is a few clips of the George Jones section of this unique tribute concert. If you are interested in booking this show email or call Freddie Pate Entertainment 337-305-3145.

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