April 6, 2024

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This is Gloria Pate, let me tell you the tale of Freddie Pate’s Pink Possum Dust Spicy Popcorn Salt and how it came to be!

When Freddie was just a baby boy his Grandpa and Granny raised him. “Pop’s” weekly routine was to pop corn on the stove in a pot then pour it in a paper sack, season it and eat it out of the brown bag. Pop would drive them to shows, wait in the truck and eat his popcorn. Freddie recalls as a kid the memory of Tom T Hall stuffing Pop’s popcorn in his mouth saying, “dang boy, this is the best I’ve ever had”

So when we found out that  popcorn is  something else that Freddie & George Jones have in common this was meant to be!!

As we know George’s nickname was the “Possum”, so as I do I can’t turn my brain off at night  I woke up and thought “Possum Dust” especially since George loved eating popcorn with his grandkids. And I can testify that (my Baby Boy) Freddie still carries on his Pop’s tradition of almost nightly pots of special seasoned popcorn.

So we present to you…
Freddie Pate’s Pink Possum Dust Spicy Popcorn Salt!!

Try it on everything!

The Gospel According to Jones: LIVE!

“The Gospel According to Jones”
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Freddie Pate’s latest release pays homage to the greatest country singer of all time, George Jones!

A long time Possum fan, Freddie takes on the brave task of realizing a dream project.

Available on CD or Flash Drive

Real country music! 15 of your favorite Possum tunes and a couple new songs.

Freddie Pate – The Gospel According to Jones: A Tribute

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Official Video:
“All Watered Down”

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